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HometutorialWhatsApp से Unbanned होने के लिए क्या करें - 2023 में अपडेट

WhatsApp से Unbanned होने के लिए क्या करें – 2023 में अपडेट

Is your WhatsApp account is banned? Yes, it’s a moment to freak out as you can’t use msg and can’t reply to the WhatsApp contact. Well not to worry, as we are here with a detailed guide on Unbanned WhatsApp numbers quickly and easily.

This detailed guide will answer your question i.e How can I recover my banned WhatsApp number? and How to Fix this account is not allowed to use WhatsApp due to spam Problem. So don’t waste time downloading any apps that claims to unban your number.

Its a moment of a freak when you turn on mobile data and a screen pop up on your mobile screen i.e. your WhatsApp number is temporary ban / you are temporarily banned from WhatsApp, At this moment, you might be thinking what’s wrong I had don’t that my Whatsapp number is ban. Whatsapp had currently taken the most significant step by banning the WhatsApp accounts.

Recently in one of the Facebook group, many user-reported WhatsApp accounts temporary ban and on the same day, my WhatsApp account got banned.

Whatsapp has now become important as most of the communication with friends and family members is through WhatsApp only. If your WhatsApp number got ban from WhatsApp and you are wondering my WhatsApp number is banned how to unbanned then this post is for you.

In this post we will discuss the reasons for banning WhatsApp number and how to unbanned WhatsApp number /WhatsApp number ban solutions. Before we jump to the solution, let us understand the type of WhatsApp ban.

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Table of Contents

Whatsapp is banning WhatsApp number | types of WhatsApp ban
Temporary WhatsApp ban – Usually unbanned from WhatsApp quickly
Permanent Whatsapp ban – Depends on the policy violation
If your WhatsApp number is a temporary ban then your case is less serious and you will be able to remove the WhatsApp ban easily / unbanned from WhatsApp quickly. Now the question you might be thinking How long does WhatsApp ban last? the answer to this question is, ban can last from 24 to 48 hrs and if you had done repeatative violation of policy, it may last for several days.

But If your WhatsApp number is permanently banned then its not easy to recover temporary ban, still you don’t need to worry because we’ll provide you the WhatsApp permanent ban solution.

Before we jump to the solution on how to unbanned from WhatsApp quickly lets us refresh the reasons for getting banned from WhatsApp and why WhatsApp numbers get banned from WhatsApp. In meantime, you can also read WhatsApp Tricks Tips Hacks For Android & iPhone

Why my Whatsapp number ban? – UnBanned WhatsApp number
There are several reasons behind the banning of WhatsApp accounts. You must refresh your memory and try to think if you had violated any of the WhatsApp policies or had done things related to the below WhatsApp banning reasons.

Sending bulk marketing messages
Sending messages to unknown person
Sending illegal, obscene, defamatory or threatening message
Sending suspicious links to the whatsapp contacts and spreading fake news on WhatsApp.
Using offensive words like Child porno in Account name or group name.
Sending fake viral videos, and spamming group.
Using a modded version of WhatsApp.
These are some of the reasons for banning WhatsApp accounts. From all the above reasons of banning of WhatsApp account. I personally use Gbwhatsapp and I and totally a fan of that. Whatsapp had started banning WhatsApp users who are using third-party apps. If you are one of those and looking for the solution to how to unban WhatsApp then this post is for you.

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How to unbanned WhatsApp numbers quickly -Unban whatsapp number solution
A temporary WhatsApp ban means you will see the timer which is constantly decreasing. That timer shows the time elapsed to get your WhatsApp unban. If you are getting this screen then your WhatsApp number is a temporary ban. Below are the steps that you need to follow to unbanned from WhatsApp quickly from WhatsApp temporary ban

Step 1 – Firstly uninstall Gbwhatsapp Apk from your android phone.

Step 2 – Now comes the tricky part now there are two options if your WhatsApp account is ban

If you are using Gbwhatsapp as a dual WhatsApp along with the original WhatsApp then you should install Whatsapp business apk. WhatsApp Bussiness
If you are using Gbwhatsapp to enjoy the additional features then you had to wait until the new anti-ban version of Gbwhatsapp / WhatsApp unbanned apk is not released and to unban the WhatsApp account install the original WhatsApp. Check out the latest Gb WhatsApp apk download and Whatsapp plus apk download
Step 3 –Now open the google play store and download the latest updated WhatsApp in your android phone.

Whatsapp Download
Step 4 –Now login to WhatsApp number by entering number.

Step 5 –Still you will be seeing the WhatsApp temporary ban timer which is constantly decreasing, wait for the timer to get completed and as the timer got over your WhatsApp number will be unbanned.

Your phone number is banned from using WhatsApp
Remember – Step 1 i.e. uninstall any modded version is very necessary as if you didn’t uninstall the modded version of WhatsApp then WhatsApp ban time will increase and it will take more time to get the account unban.

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Whatsapp permanent ban solution – Unban WhatsApp permanent ban number
Yes, you had made some mistakes that have resulted in WhatsApp permanent ban. Don’t worry that also can be fixed and you can permanently ban WhatsApp numbers can be unban/remove ban from WhatsApp permanent ban.

You can get you account unban by requesting to the team. Now that, you must be wondering How do I send an email to an unbanned WhatsApp number?

If your WhatsApp number is permanently banned then you should follow the below-detailed steps to remove ban on WhatsApp number,

Step 1 – Uninstall your existing WhatsApp now and Download and install new updated Whatsapp from the Google play store

Step 2 – Now after installation, open WhatsApp and Enter your phone number. You will see an error message popup.

Step 3 – Click on the “Support” option from the popup message

will whatsapp unban my account
Step 4 – Write your problem and add the screenshot of what it is showing and Don’t forget to add your number

Step 5 – Now Click “Next” and scroll down

Step 6 – Choose “This does not answer my problem”

Step 7 – Now send a support email using support@whatsapp.com

Now, this step will take a while, you have to wait for the reply of WhatsApp and for this you need to check your email inbox. Whatsapp usually, takes 24 hrs to reply

If you are not on the Android platform or getting any error in sending email to WhatsApp then Here are the list of WhatsApp support email address for all platform on which you can send email containing all the details and remember, send email in English.

How do I send an email to an unbanned WhatsApp number?

Whatsapp support email address for banned number
Android – android_web@support.whatsapp.com.
iPhone – iphone_web@support.whatsapp.com.
Windows Phone – wp_web@support.whatsapp.com.
Web and Desktop – webclient_web@support.whatsapp.com.
Other – support@whatsapp.com.
Note – The process of unban a WhatsApp permanent ban account is totally based on whether WhatsApp considers you innocent or not. If WhatsApp found you innocent and think to forget the mistake you had don’t then your WhatsApp account will be unbanned and if not they will not unban you, in this case, you have to wait for a week and again follow the same procedure to unban WhatsApp number

If you are facing You Need the Official Whatsapp to Use This Account error then follow the tutorial.

Email To WhatsApp to unban whatsapp account
Subject: Request to Unblock my WhatsApp Account

Dear WhatsApp Support Team,

I am writing to request that my WhatsApp account be unblocked. I recently received a notification that my account has been banned, but I am not aware of any violation of your terms of service.

I am an avid WhatsApp user and rely on the platform to communicate with family, friends, and colleagues. It has become an essential part of my daily routine, and I am deeply disappointed to have been banned without any explanation.

I would like to request that you review my account and provide me with the reason for the ban. If there was indeed a violation, I apologize and assure you that it was unintentional. I am willing to comply with your terms of service and take any necessary steps to avoid future violations.

I kindly request that you unban my account so that I may continue to use WhatsApp to stay in touch with my loved ones and colleagues.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to hearing back from you soon.


[Your Name]

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Precaution for unblocking WhatsApp number
This is the only method to unban your WhatsApp account permanently ban. There are lots of scammers available online who claim to unban their WhatsApp accounts by taking money. Remember there is no one who can unblock WhatsApp numbers except WhatsApp himself. So don’t pay anyone to activate the WhatsApp ban number.

How to fix This account cannot use WhatsApp solution
If you are sign up to whatsapp and are creating an account the process is pretty smooth. Some users face the error message i.e. this account cannot use whatsapp. This usually happed when you had purchased a new sim number which as previously issued to the other person and that person was banned by WhatsApp for sending spam messages.

In that case, and if you are creating an account and are sure that you had not violated WhatsApp spam message policy then here are the steps that you can follow.

Step 1 : First uninstall any modded WhatsApp installed in your mobile and install the latest version of WhatsApp from the google play store.

Step 2 : Now open WhatsApp and enter the mobile number after selecting the country and tap on the Next button.

Step 3 : If you face an error of this account cannot use WhatsApp register new number then uninstall WhatsApp and open google play store again.

Step 4 : Now search for WhatsApp business and install it.

Step 5 : Now repeat the same procedure of creating an account on WhatsApp. In most cases, the problem is fixed at this step.

Step 6 : If you still face the error, you can tap on the support button and explain your problem and your problem will be fixed in 5-6 working days.

This is how you can fix this account cannot use WhatsApp register ^(https://blogwire.in/goto/https://www.whatsapp.com/)new number in WhatsApp. This problem usually occurs when WhatsApp had ban the sim number of the previous owner.



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